Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

"Mike, Thanks for the guiding and instruction, it was first class, we learnt a lot more than we had imagined and thoroughly enjoyed it."

LA (UK) - 13 Sep 2022

"Hi Mike, I got home about 9.30pm last night so not bad at all! Thank you for sending routes that we did through and thank you for the weekend. I really enjoyed it, just what I needed."

MC (UK) - 22 Aug 2022

"I just wanted to say a massive thanks to you.....I feel if I didn't do those 2 days with you, I would have struggled and probably deferred. The way you simplified all the ropework was fantastic, and you were really positive towards my rushed assessment effort."

MK (UK) - 18 Jul 2022

"Thanks so much Mike, I had a great time, thanks again."

GRE (UK) - 22 Jun 2022

"the good news is that I passed the ML exam thanks to your help. Your very useful instruction proved especially useful on the night navigation and steep ground management part of the exam"

MS (UK) - 12 Apr 2022

"Mike - we had such a good time with you and thank you for all you taught and showed us....thank you for a brilliant time."

HC (UK) - 15 Jul 2021

"Hi Mike, Thank you for sending the routes through, I've marked them off in the scrambling book. Really enjoyed the weekend and thank you for your patience on some of my sticking points."

MC (UK) - 05 Jul 2021

"Hello Mike, Thank you for a great 2 days. I obviously found the climbing challenging but appreciated your input and patience."

AW (UK) - 04 Aug 2020

"Hi Mike, Thank you for today. Jack’s buzzing about it and so I know he had a really good time even if he found it challenging at times .."

MH (UK) - 26 Jul 2020

"Hi Mike, Yes resting well today. Thanks for leading a great trip yesterday, loved it."

DQ (UK) - 24 Jul 2020