Private Guiding

Private Guiding

If you would prefer a more personal service than a course, or have specific objectives in mind, then private guiding may be the option that suits you best. Private guiding is essentially a bespoke service that will be tailored to your needs alone, other clients will not be added to your group. All our advertised disciplines can be incorporated into your package be it as a single activity e.g. rock climbing or multi-activity e.g. navigation, an overnight camp and then some scrambling. It really is your decision as to what you want to experience.

Private guiding includes the services of an instructor and the loan of technical equipment where applicable. For camping activities, tents and stoves can also be loaned at no extra cost. To discuss private guiding please call or email.

Private Guiding Rates:

  • Rock Climbing: £175 per day for up to 2 persons.
  • Scrambling: £175 per day for up to 2 persons.
  • Summer Hill Walking: £160 per day for up to 8 persons.
  • Winter Hill Walking: £190 per day for up to 4 persons.
  • Navigation / GPS / Altimeter: £175 per day for up to 6 persons, 4 persons in winter.

Private Guiding Customer Feedback

"Mike, Thanks for the guiding and instruction, it was first class, we learnt a lot more than we had imagined and thoroughly enjoyed it."

LA (UK) - 13 Sep 2022

"Thanks Mike for the great day. A perfect introduction to trad climbing which has got us both hooked! We will be back in August!"

AO (London) - 10 Jun 2023

"Fantastic first time on slate. Mike found something to challenge us all after we had gained initial confidence on some easier routes. Will be back for more"

HF (Reading) - 06 Aug 2023


Private Guiding
Private Guiding